Will Writing

Will Writing

Sometimes we forget about the very important things like your will!  What would happen if you were to die today, who would get your share of properties, cars, savings etc.

Our will writing executry lawyers are here to help, we can get your Will drafted easily after just one meeting.  We need to fact-find with you and then take instruction.  If you don’t have a will, you should get this organised asap.  You want your loved ones to have peace of mind and be taken care of, if you are not around to do this yourself.

What needs to be taken into consideration?

Any savings, debts etc need to be sorted out when you die.  If you share your property 50/50 with someone, what happens to their share.  We can help as a property may need to be put on the market for sale to divide the assets.  Or, we can arrange for a private valuation and for your estate to be assessed.

Will Writing in Leeds

Our Leeds office has been established for many years, we have 8 full-time staff and are able to handle all matters relating to will writing, estate planning and reading out of the will.  Everyone has an estate and it can be very tricky when someone dies to divide things up.  This is where we come in, our job is to make your life easier and help you to work through the minefield of information, the will writing is only one part of the services we offer.

Who gets notified about a Will?

Anyone that is in the will, or your spouse etc (next of kin) will be advised there is a will.  You will be asked to attend the offices of our Executry Lawyer and from here the Will can be read out and taken care of.   If someone has an issue with the contents they can contest it, but that doesn’t mean the outcome will be any different.