Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney Leeds

If you know you are suffering from a lifetime medical condition, you should set-up a Power of Attorney who can act on your behalf and make legally binding decisions.   The person would need to know they have this authority so they can help you and loved ones when the time dictates that they need to step up.

The process of organising this is fairly easy, you need to get permission from the person you are going to appoint and they will need to sign legally binding documents to say they will execute matters for you and act in your best interest, and not their own.  The important thing is that they do not solely benefit from the situation, but carry out your wishes.

What does it all mean?

This can be organising things like;

  • House Valuations
  • Nursing Home Payments
  • Home Care Provisions
  • Wellbeing and care

The power of attorney will need to liaise with your appointed lawyer regularly to ensure everyone is kept updated and understands what is happening with your money, assets etc.  The reason we select a power of attorney is so that if you cannot make a competent decision, this person will be asked to act on your behalf and make life easier for you.

Does it need to be a family member?

No, it can be a close friend, but someone that you trust.  The police and your GP would be notified of your power of attorney as if they need something, they would contact this person.  It may be that there is Alzheimer’s in the family line, so if the disease suddenly takes prominence of your mind, your power of attorney will need to step up and help negotiate with other people on your behalf.  This can be quite a responsibility for someone, so it needs to be explained that it’s a big job they would need to take on as your POA.