If you have a large, wealthy estate you will need to have a will written up and have it detailed who gets what assets.  The are some people will feel their entitlement is far greater than initially thought, but you need to take on-board the wishes of the person who has left the inheritance and be grateful you have been included in the first place.

Inheritance and the Will

Any inheritance is normally covered when the person at the funeral directors reads out the will.  This type of thing is always best dealt with by a legal person who can take the delicate situation into consideration and will act in the deceased’s best interests.  Regardless whether you feel its fair, its what the person wanted and that has to be at the forefront of everyone’s minds.


It can take a few months for estates to settle as bills are due for things like funeral costs after a person departs this life.  They may be paying for everything themselves i.e. flowers, humanist, funeral cars, coffin, heartz, plot of land for ashes / urn or coffin.  The invoices will need paid and it can be easier if your lawyer takes care of all this for you.  Leaving you time to grieve and mourn the person that has died.


Things like registering the death, paying any bills for council tax, rehoming of pets, closing down accounts for gas, electric and water would all need to be done.  The lawyer can help with this, but it would be helpful if a family member got involved.  Meaning there is more money left over for inheritance and suchlike.

Inheritance Issues

It may be that not all family members can attend the reading of the will, this can cause conflict as then they may have queries, after receiving a posted copy of the notes.  If they chose to object, this can hold things up, however, most people respect the wishes of the departed individual.