Trust Planning

If you wish to set up a trust fund for a family member, we can help.   We have seen a company who have a number of offices in the UK and their Trust Lawyers will take instruction from you regarding your wishes.  You should have all the information to hand so that the Power of Attorney Solicitor  can record everything and it’s kept safe until the person comes of age.

Trust Administration

Any trust planning executry lawyer will need to sort through a financial structure as some clients will have a high net worth, via the families they will then have to deal with any issues or objections.  Some people may not feel its fair towards their family or themselves.  Money can make people do irrational things.  There may be capital gains tax and inheritance tax taken into consideration, but the job of your lawyer in Leeds is to work through what is the best plan to avoid your loved ones paying more tax than they need to.

Living in the UK or Outwith?

It does matter if you are living in the UK, for example if your father is in Spain and dies, you may need to pay tax.  This is why you should have everything sorted before the unfortunate situation that he/she has died.

Trust Planning in the UK

Most UK estate planning lawyers offices are all very experienced in trust planning, will have a strong reputation for providing the best service and looking after our clients best interests.  Their job is to have everything filed with the courts and then when the time comes, read out the person’s intentions.  This can be very stressful for others, but it needs done.  Confusion can come when people make assumptions that are not correct, a family executry lawyer can help bring some clarity to a delicate situation helping not only your spouse but other family members with all the trust planning administration.